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DMR Repair can provide service for any shop! Just gives us a call or email to discuss your issue.  Whether it be repairs, or you need equipment DMR will work with you in providing your goals!


Roll Former Issues?

Having issues with your roll former? DMR can get you rollin with fast and quality service!

  • Large Pittsburgh

  • Small Pittsburgh

  • Snap lock


  • Custom Roll formers


Major Problems?

Do you need a complete re-build?  DMR Repair will provide either on-site or off-site re-build services for your equipment.


Coil Lines

Having difficulty with your coil line production? DMR Repair will aid you in all faucets of service.  Whether it be working with your operator to major services, DMR Repair will get you line running with 100% satisfaction!

  • New Controllers

  • New Breaks

  • New pinners

  • Coil Cradles

  • Drive Turner

  • TDC

  • Insulation/ Glue Setups


Plasma Problems?

Having issues with your Plasma table? We know how complicated these systems can be.  Whether it be a short in wiring to a motor replacement.  DMR will solve the issue and get your table back to up and running satisfaction!


Moving or are you a new shop?

Whether it is that you are moving or looking to opening up a new shop.  DMR Repair will be there from equipment sales to service, placing and getting your new shop up and running!

  • Equipment Sales

  • Equipment Moving

  • Servicing Previous Equipment

  • Equipment Placement

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