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Whether you are looking for new or used equipment DMR Repair, can lead you in the right direction! We specialize in the Sheet Metal industry with providing all ranges of equipment from hand tools to full service Coil Lines! 


Are you a new shop?  Looking to open a new shop??  If so, DMR Repair can help in providing you with new or used equipment, floor layout, machine moving, and much more!  Whatever your goals are DMR will work alongside with you!


Looking to expand?  DMR specializes in machine breakdowns for shipment.  These breakdowns are primarily for large machines like, coil lines, plasma tables, brakes, shears, and etc.. DMR will also aid in the placement of equipment in your new shop!  We will help in setup and running of all your equipment once in place!  So, once you re-open your doors your shop will be fully functional and ready to provide service!

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