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Looking to get your machine like new?  DMR Repair can RE-Build your equipment.  Whether it is on site or you ship it to us DMR will Get you "Rollin". DMR Repair specializes in on-site repairs, I.E. Coil line- Mark V rebuild, S&D Rebuild, Liner install, coil line adjustments, Break positions, Shear blades, and so much MORE!  DMR Repair Can come to your facility with a prior estimate in hand so you know where you stand for service! 


Want to ship it to us?  Many times it is more cost effective for customers to ship us the machines for service and or rebuild!  No Travel fees, and no excess charges that come with travel.  Simply call or email us with your info and pictures of what you would like serviced. DMR Repair with then give you an estimate with the shipping address!  It’s that easy! Normal turnaround time is 1-2 weeks!!  Can be done faster if requested!!  We will keep you up to date with your rebuild with status updates and questions as we go through your machine!


DMR Repair prides itself on return customers.  We strive to be above the rest and will provide reference’s upon request!  Go ahead call our previous customers and ask how we did!  They will be more than happy to give you peace of mind! 


Call or email today to get your cost effective estimate and get “Rollin"! 

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