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The PROFAB Wrap Brake comes with segmented bottom tools for bending down flange TDC/TDF duct fittings. Tools can be set-up easily to accept any size down flange duct or left as solid 61″ beam. The notch strip locator between the front and back tools allows the operator to quickly find bend positions. A rotary dial is included for easy adjustment of the bend angle.


  • Maximum gauge capacity 16ga. For ductwork
    18ga for Precision Bending
    Maximum Bending Width 60″
    Maximum Between Housings 61″
    Bending Angle Adjustment 0 to 90 degrees preset at 90
    Minimum Wrap Duct Size 8″ x 8″ inside dimensions
    Bottom Tool Height 1.5″
    Top Tool Height 1.57″
    Air Powered 11 CFM at 100 PSI
    Weight 1950 Pounds
    Dimensions (Approximate) 88″ x 45″ x 35″
    Bends with liner up to 2″ liner


    Insulated duct (up to 1 inch) bent on our TDCF Power Brake


    TDC/TDF Power Brake

      • 5 ft. 18 ga.
    • Air requirements: 5 cfm at 80 psi
    • Electrical: 110 v, single phase
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