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The Original - 50 Feet Per Minute - Coil Line Pinner


Most coil lines are capable of running at 50 feet per minute, but had to slow down to 25 ft/min. when applying welded duct liner fasteners. Gripnail introduced the industry's first 50 ft/min. two decades ago. Ever since we have been centered on continuously making industry leading improvements to the design. The PowerPinner 50 is capable of placing full range of weld pins up to 2" as close as 6" apart to metal as thick as 16 gauge without any extra modifications. The PP50 comes standard with a multitude of quality ensuring features that lead to unprecedented reliability.

PowerPinner® 50 High Speed, Multi-Head Coil Line Welder

  • Dependable Electronic Controls

    A PLC (Programmable Logic Control) unit replaces all times, relays, reed switches and circuit boards.


    High Capacity, Split Weld Pin Track System

    Upwards of 25 pins are available from the lower track on the moving carriage before additional pins are speed loaded from the stationary upper track at the home position. The split pin track allows the carriage to move with the duct work at 50 ft/min without having to return to the home position for more weld pins.


    Moving Carriage

    The lightweight aluminum carriage allows the PP50 to operate at the same 50 feet per minute pace that the fiber belts move the ductwork.


    Compatible With The Following Coil Lines:

    Iowa Precision®
    Vicon Machinery®
    Engel Industries®
    Jinwoong Technology LTD®

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