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Stop cross braking! Save time; save money with this 60″ x 16 Ga. adjustable beader. Produce SMACNA approved beads in a fraction of the time it takes to cross brake. A one man operation, this heavy duty beader comes with five (5) sets of bead tooling that can be located anywhere over the 60″ working length. Tooling, if broken or damaged, is replaceable without the requirement of replacing an entire cross shaft. Beads are adjustable in depth to 3/16″ deep. Powered exit support roll to ensure no material hang-up. No one offers more features.

TK 1660 Duct Beader

    • Weight: 1750 lbs.
    • Dimensions: 80 x 43 x 34 in
    • Capacity: 16 Ga. Mild Steel (Galvanized) x 60″
    • Motor: 1 H.P.,115v, Single Phase, 60 Hz Standard (230/1/50 available)
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