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Using a patented design, the Mid-Rivers Air Cam Clinching Machine offers a simple and economical method to clinch two pieces 28 to 14 gauge mild steel.


The advantages of using the AIR-CAM CLINCHING MACHINE:

  • No Spot Welding and No Rivets
  • Less Expensive Than conventional clinching machines due to low CFM usage (1/3 the competition)
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Laser Guide Included.
  • Air Operation Connects Into Shop Air 80-100 P.S.I.

Each Model Includes:

  • Three Year Warranty.
  • Patented Safety Feature. (Patent Number 7114436)
  • Simple Patented Design For Easy Gauge Adjustments.
  • Standard BTM Tooling.

Mid-Rivers Air Cam Clinching Machine

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